Over the last eleven years the Williams have worked tirelessly on behalf of endangered species and nurtured the reserve so well that it has become a haven for over 70 different varieties of birds, the most successful of which has been their much loved Barn Owl.

To care for these beautiful and gentle birds, the Williams have installed four barn owl boxes, but as barn owls are nocturnal birds, they are rarely seen, so to measure how well their reserve was functioning as a habitat and to create an insight into the lives and breeding habits of the barn owls, a colour camera was installed inside the breeding boxes and set to record bird activity.

Since the summer of 2005, Alan and Sylvia have been rewarded with beautiful, heart felt footage of 33 barn owl chicks being raised on the reserve, successfully fledging and dispersing into the natural countryside.

This inspiring footage uplifted the Williams to such an extent that they decided to create a DVD telling the story ‘in colour’ of the Life and Times of Barn Owl families.

Alan & Sylvia featured with Ellie Harrison on BBC Countryfile on 21/02/16, to show how their work on the reserve had helped the barn owls living in the Staffordshire countryside.

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This DVD is a ‘must have’ for any Barn Owl enthusiast, researcher or serious conservationist. How I wish it had been available when I first began my work in 1965. It answers so many questions and is an utter joy to watch - over and over again!

Tony Warburton MBE
Hon. President, World Owl Trust

Alan and Sylvia ask the British people to enter with them into a world where barn owls can breed happily with all their natural needs provided for. So sit back and witness the incredible journey of WILD barn owl families bonding and raising owlets through to fledging at some ten to eleven weeks old.

So Please Help Us Help Your Wild Life Population by Purchasing this Moving Barn Owl DVD, not only for the uplifting story, but also to help us carry on the maintenance of the habitat we have created.

Don’t sit back and let Barn Owls and other endangered species disappear from this country one by one.   Do something now and Help Us Help Them - Buy the DVD for only £15 including P&P  (one hour duration) - and Feel Good in the Knowledge that you have Contributed to the Continuation of Wild Life in this Beautiful Land.


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Alan & Sylvia Williams have presented over 100 talks to many Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Civic Society, Natural History and other groups in the Midlands area.

The two talks entitled "Living with Nature" and "Living with Barn Owls in the Wild" are all based on the development and success stories at Tean Valley Nature Reserve in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside.

The evening normally consists of an opening introductory talk followed by narrated video footage and a question and answer session.

What our clients say:

“Thank you for showing us the wonderful film on 'Living with Nature', with Alan's commentary matching every picture. The work, time and effort you have both put in is amazing and so worth it. Your enthusiasm showed that you enjoy what you do and long may you continue.” 18/10/16


“Thank you both for coming over to Lichfield and giving us a fascinating talk on the development of Tean Valley Meadow nature reserve. We admire the effort and work you have put in to create the reserve. The wildlife you have attracted and recorded on your film is fantastic. ” 11/05/16


Our fee is £50.00 plus travelling expenses of 45p/mile.

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